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Release of Protected Health Information Instructions

Printable forms:

Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information Form
Autorización Para La Divulgación De Información De Salud Protegida


1. Complete the first section with patient name, date of birth, phone number, address and if possible, a social security number.

2. Purpose of Request: Why do you want this information copied or sent? (ie: personal copy continuation of care by a physician, insurance claim, legal issues, etc.)

3. Person(s)/Facility Authorized to receive: If the copies are for personal reasons and you are picking them up – state “self”. If “self” and the address is the same as the top section, this can be left blank and indicate “same”. If the records are being picked up by another person or mailed, please provide the complete name and address of the person/agency/etc., you would like us to give/send the copies to.

8. Specify dates: Please be as specific as possible with the Admit/Discharge dates. The approximate month and correct year will be acceptable.

7. Type of documents requested: Please mark all boxes that apply. An Abstract version may be provided which would include all diagnostic and dictated physician reports.

6/7. Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Please fill out six and seven according to the direction on the form.

8. Time Limit: This authorization will be good for one year after the authorization is signed at the bottom of the form unless otherwise indicated.

9/10. Signature Line: Sign and date the form. All signatures will be verified.