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Senior Care Services

Welcome to Senior Care Services at St. Mary's Medical Center

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We take & honor thy elders” to heart

Each stage of life has particular healthcare needs. At St. Mary's we are uniquely positioned to provide the very best in care for seniors with innovative new programs and services that are tailored to the needs of geriatric patients. Treatments plans are catered to each individual patient and coordinated by a team of healthcare experts from physicians and therapists to case managers and pharmacists. Besides, we think seniors have earned a little extra attention.

Senior Care Emergency Department

In the St. Mary's Medical Center emergency department, we see you quickly, but take time to fully evaluate your healthcare needs and develop the best treatment plan for your care. Our emergency department team is trained to identify seniors that may need extra support during hospitalization by using an evidence-based screening tool. Also included for your comfort:

  • More privacy
  • Quiet area
  • Warmer environment
  • Larger, easy-to-read clocks
  • Slip-resistant floors
  • Handrails and grab bars
  • Blankets that have been warmed
  • Better lighting
  • Large-print magazines to read while waiting
  • Extra seating for family members
  • Assistive devices for hearing and vision

Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation ProgramSt. Mary's Medical Center has earned the Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA) which recognizes emergency departments that go above and beyond to provide excellent care for older adults.

The GEDA program is the culmination of years of progress in emergency care of older adults. In 2014, American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) along with Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, Emergency Nurses Association, and American Geriatrics Society, developed and released geriatric ED guidelines, recommending measures ranging from adding geriatric-friendly equipment to specialized staff to more routine screening for delirium, dementia, and fall risk, among other vulnerabilities.

The voluntary GEDA program, which includes three levels similar to trauma center designations, provides specific criteria and goals for emergency clinicians and administrators to target. The accreditation process provides more than two dozen best practices for geriatric care and the level of GEDA accreditation achieved depends upon how many of these best practices an emergency department is able to meet. A Level 3 emergency department must incorporate a few of these best practices, along with providing inter-disciplinary geriatric education, and having geriatric appropriate equipment and supplies available.

Senior Care Inpatient Program

St. Mary's provides comprehensive geriatric assessments performed by our experienced team of physicians who specialize in caring for older adults. With our interdisciplinary approach to care, physicians work with pharmacists to provide medication counseling. Additionally, therapists work with partners in the community to ensure patients understand and secure appropriate health and safety resources. By doing so, our senior patients are set up for success upon returning home.

Senior Care Services Nurse Liaison

St. Mary's believes that great care doesn't stop upon leaving the hospital. Our Senior Care Nurse Liaison is dedicated to providing smooth transitions of care to our patients including assisting with follow-up care.

CJ Cares

cj care truckSt. Mary’s has partnered with Central Jackson County ​EMS to provide a referral based Community Paramedic Program called CJ Cares. The goal of CJ Cares is to ensure older adults return home to a safe environment. CJ Cares will go over discharge orders with patients upon arriving home, provide assistance with medication set up if needed, as well as provide home safety assessments.

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