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Ultrasound is the imaging of structures of the body by recording the echoes of pulses of ultrasonic waves directed into the tissues and reflected back. Ultrasound is also used to examine vascular structures such as the arteries which supply blood to the brain and other regions of the body and to guide physicians in biopsies of various areas of the body.

Obstetrical ultrasonography is fetal imaging via intermittent high-frequency sound waves to visualize images of the uterus, fetus, placenta and other surrounding pelvic structures. A licensed ultrasonographer assists in performing the procedure, which is pain-free and has no known harmful effects on your baby or you. Ultrasound is used to determine gestational age and accurately date the pregnancy. It's also used to rule out fetal malformation or abnormalities, to determine the number of fetuses or to locate possible sources of bleeding.

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