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Radiology Services

The Radiology Department at St. Mary's Medical Center offers some of the most advanced diagnostic radiology equipment in the Eastern Jackson County area. Our full-service department includes Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) capability, CT scans, nuclear medicine, mammography, interventional radiology, ultrasound and the Breast Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center. We offer filmless digital medical imaging called PACS (Picture Archiving Communications System) giving physicians and medical center staff the ability to retrieve and view images and reports on medical center workstations.

Our radiologists are trained in the latest technology and highly skilled in interpreting the results of an exam. Evening and weekend hours allow quick and convenient access to our services. St. Mary's CT scanners are the latest generation of CT scanners. This means they are much faster and can produce images that can detect cancer or other diseases in earlier stages. Our registered vascular ultrasound technologists utilize the latest technology in ultrasound to assure that your examination is of high quality. Our mammography technologists are all mammogram certified and focus exclusively on breast health to provide the highest quality of care. We offer the latest biopsy techniques including breast MRIs.

Our Radiology Department offers:

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If you'd like to know more about our radiology services, call 816-655-5572.