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St. Mary's Surgical Center Offers Outpatient Joint Replacement

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  • Written By: Cyndi Fahrlander

Outpatient Joint Replacement

It seems hard to believe, but imagine having joint replacement surgery in the morning and going home the same day. Imagine no more—outpatient joint replacement is now possible for some patients at St. Mary’s Surgical Center.

Robert Paul, DO, an orthopedic surgeon with Orthopedic Surgeons, Inc., at St. Mary’s Medical Center is Dr. Paul has been among the leaders in outpatient joint replacement and does both hip and knee replacements as outpatient surgery.

“Outpatient replacement is not for everyone,” says Dr. Paul. “Patients need to be highly motivated, with a good support system at home, is overall very healthy and in great physical shape.” Patients who are candidates go through a “boot camp” of sorts that includes education and pre-therapy before surgery.

Dr. Paul says his part of the procedures and the risks associated with the surgery are the same whether the replacement is done in- or outpatient. “But there is a great team at St. Mary's Surgical Center that works hard to get patients ready and to provide seamless care before, during and after surgery,” says Dr. Paul.